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As a Trusts and Estates and Elder Law attorney, I have worked with and used the services of Betty Mizek and her Firm for over 20 years. I have found her and her associates to be highly professional, responsive, solution oriented and caring. I have also referred her to my clients with consistent positive feedback I highly recommend her.

Robert A. Gazzola, Esq.

When my wife entered a DC hospital with Dementia in 2014. I had no clue what to do next. Life doesn’t train you how to deal with mental health treatment decisions. Physical ones are much easier. Betty sat down with us at the hospital and walked us through the whole process and the problem solving. And she took charge from selecting the right assisted living facility to hiring (or firing) the caregivers. We formed a partnership and made decisions together that were always in my wife’s best interest. It was like having a family member holding my hand and, when my wife died recently, we cried together.

Tony G. Spouse

When my brother and I needed to find a place for our parents, we relied on Betty’s vast experience and no-nonsense approach. She literally saved our family by finding a place where they could stay living together when everyone else told us they would need to be separated.

Karen W., Daughter

Betty has been, quite literally, a lifesaver for our family. She has worked with us twice, once for a family member and once for my mother.

A family member in the DC area had a serious illness requiring surgery outside the Washington area. Betty found us a aide to support the family member while he was hospitalized awaiting surgery and then Betty managed the hospital discharge process so that the surgical center would accept my family member, coordinated his Medivac flight and supervised his stay at the surgical center. Our chief local doctor said that, without Betty’s persistence, my family member might not have gotten his surgery in time. Betty saved his life.

At the end of her life, my mother needed hospice care and 24 hour CNA support in her home. Since I live outside the DC area, this was not something I could either obtain or supervise. Betty found us the CNAs and served as my local eyes and ears. I have no idea how I could have managed this without her.

Everett S., Son

I cannot recommend Betty Mizek more highly. She is hard working, organized and trustworthy. She is a pleasure to work with and a valued and essential member of my extended professional team.

Dr. Helene Freeman

My dad has a lot of good luck in his life. It was once again his good luck that brought Betty to him. I began to see that Betty could assess a situation rather quickly, and she was creative with her ideas to fill the needs she perceived. She was forthcoming in explaining her ideas to me and my husband and was experienced and willing to implement them. It was apparent that Betty had developed a philosophy, a psychology and a methodology in her approach. This convinced me that my Dad was most definitely better off with Betty. And then when got cancer and was on commission for several months, Betty worked so nicely with my husband to provide continuity to my Dad’s life and emotional security that he would see me again. My Dad lived to celebrate his 100th birthday, and Betty was right there with party favors for all and to help light his 100th birthday cake candles. Who could ask for more? Betty genuinely helped my Dad and also helped my husband and I. I never knew how many clients Betty had – it didn’t matter, I didn’t need to know. What I believed is that she had just one – my Dad. Thank you Betty, for all you do for others. 


Joyce E., Daughter