Betty J. Mizek, LICSW, LCSW-C is a licensed clinical medical social worker and founder and President of the Care Management Group, LLC an organization serving the greater Washington, D.C. area, Maryland and Virginia since 2008. Care Management Group is dedicated to providing quality care management services to seniors and their families. Ms. Mizek has over 20 years of experience in providing health care and aging care management services. Her specialties include crisis management, oversight of complex medical cases, managing caregivers, and providing successful interventions for clients with mental health issues. She also has expertise in working with the unique dynamics of older couples. The management and monitoring of challenging cases and advocacy on behalf of these clients is an integral part of her aging practice.

We are the agency to call when you can no longer manage on your own and when your interventions or those on behalf a family member are not successful. No case is too difficult for us to take on and we believe that even the most challenging circumstances can improve. We have a proven track record of assisting and changing the situation for the better. We have strong relationships with medical providers and local hospitals in the area and with these established relationships can move quickly to provide appropriate interventions.

What is Aging Care Management?

Aging Care Management centers around the person. It begins when you contact us and continues for as long as you need or want our services. We help manage care at home, in medical or residential facilities and wherever our expertise is needed. Our services cover all aspects of daily living as well as the medical related care. We have the knowledge and experience navigating the often busy health care industry and have worked in a variety of situations. If you need planning for long term needs or need immediate care to stabilized a situation we welcome your call. We can work together to develop a plan of care with problem solving solutions especially tailored to you and your family.

What does a Aging Care Manager Do?

  • Make a professional assessment of your situation to identify problems and provide possible solutions.
  • Arrange for home care providers in your home.
  • Centralize your health care and advocate for you with your medical providers.
  • Make referrals to medical specialist and other professions if it is determined you need additional support or a possible second opinion.
  • In a crisis situation will help assist you and your family in making sometime difficult decisions which often can be overwhelming and stressful.
  • Help set up care or support at your home if you are being discharged from the hospital and are not ready to be independent. Also, help you to follow-up with your medical providers after a hospitalization.
  • Act as a liaison to your family who may live at a distance and help oversee your care locally. We will alert your family (with your permission)to any problems or support you may need.
  • Help you Identify quality residential options when it becomes necessary to move to an alternative living situation such as a retirement community or an Assisted Living Facility.
  • Assist you in planning for your long term care needs and discuss options available to you in the future.
  • Offer a road map to your family members who have the ability to carry out care but need to know the best direction to pursue.

Who We Help (If you answer yes to any of these questions below you may need the assistance of a Aging Care Manager.)

The Older Adult

  • Are you finding it difficult to manage independently on your own but prefer to remain at home?
  • Do you have a complex medical situation and need help identifying support?
  • Are you considering a move to an alternative living situation?
  • Would you like to plan for future health care needs but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you need assistance in obtaining your LTC benefits?

Family Members

  • Are you living in or out of the area and need assistance in identifying, coordinating and monitoring your family member’s care locally.
  • Are you worried about your older relative but everytime you speak to them they tell you “everything is fine”?
  • Are your parents resistant to help?


  • Do you have a spouse with dementia or other chronic illness and need to explore options and services for their care?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed taking care of your spouse?.

Power of Attorneys/Guardians/Financial Planners

  • Do you need an assessment, care plan, coordination of services or ongoing day to day monitoring of the health and well-being of your client who you are responsible?